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When You Need Timely Roadside Assistance, Turn to Us!

There are several scenarios in which you may require roadside assistance. Even if you think you are fully prepared for various potential roadside issues, knowing that there is a company you can count on for emergencies can give you some additional peace of mind. If you are in Kansas City, MO and looking for a trustworthy partner, call Quik Assist Roadside Assistance. Here is what we can do for you:

Our Services

Tire Change
Not all cars come with a spare tire, though they may be equipped with a sealant kit to fix the problem temporarily. When you require a professional tire change service, call our company. We can come and change your flat tire with precision. 
Air Delivery for Tires

Air Delivery for Tires

If you have a spare tire that needs air, call to benefit from our reliable roadside assistance service. We will come equipped for the job and handle the work safely and promptly. Many have trusted us and are happy with the results. 


We work with locksmiths on demand who can easily grant you access to your vehicle without compromising its integrity. They use special tools to unlock your door and help you retrieve your keys from inside. 
Fuel Delivery
If you run out of gas, whatever the reason for it might be, contact us. Our professionals will bring the fuel to you and help you fill up your gas tank. The cost of the gas will be the same as the station charges. We will just add the transportation fee to it. 
Battery Jumpstart

Battery Jumpstart

Cables are a component in an emergency kit but should only be used in emergencies. If you do not know how to use the jumper cables properly, leave the task to a professional. Call us for our jump-start roadside assistance service now! 
Battery Install 

Battery Install 

When your battery is dead, roadside battery assistance solutions help to recover it or offer a replacement. We can bring a new batter to you if all else fails. Whether you are stranded on the side of the highway or stuck inside your garage, call us! 

Quik Assist Roadside Assistance provides a professional Jump-Start Roadside Assistance in Kansas City, MO

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Services List

  • Tire Change
  • Air Delivery for Tires
  • Lockouts
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Battery Jumpstart
  • Battery Install

Client’s Testimonial

by Elizabeth D. Powell on Quik Assist Roadside Assistance

Their team was the only one to respond that late at night, and they were able to jumpstart my vehicle right away. Their truck is equipped with everything needed for the job, and they are very efficient in their work. The guys are also super polite and nice. I highly recommend their jump-start roadside assistance to anyone. 

Impeccable and Quality Roadside Service in Kansas City, MO

Why Choose Us

If you wish to work with a dedicated roadside assistance service provider who will match your needs promptly, contact us. We are a team of expertly trained technicians with extensive experience in the industry. We use modern equipment and the best practices and methods to ensure our clients’ safety on the road. We arrive promptly and handle all the work with a smile. Let us assist you and have an enjoyable experience.

You need a Dependable Roadside Battery Assistance in Kansas City, MO? Call us!

The Process

Every day in the country, hundreds of thousands of people call for roadside service, and the demand is ever-increasing. If you are stranded in or near Kansas City, MO, contact us. You can call us and get help immediately. We will come fully equipped and prepared to assist you back on the road and on your way safely. We work with well-kept tools and use only top-shelf products for repairs.

Affordable and Reliable Roadside Assistance in Kansas City, MO

Roadside assistance is not as expensive as you think, but be sure to turn to a reliable local business offering affordable plans and one-time solutions. You will be glad that you called Quik Assist Roadside Assistance. We can ensure your satisfaction with our excellent services in Kansas City, MO.

Alejandro Bailey
Alejandro Bailey
They're always on time for the appointment, their prices are reasonable, and they're very professional. There's no reason to go anywhere else!
Wallef Marques
Wallef Marques
I was worried that I would have to wait a long time before someone got to me, but they were there in less than 5 minutes. They were friendly, and very helpful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good roadside assistance
John S. Smith Eduardo Jorge Eni
John S. Smith Eduardo Jorge Eni
I was in a bit of a jam when my car broke down on the side of the road. I called Roadside Assistance Service and they sent a technician to my location quickly. They were very courteous and had all the tools needed to get me back on the road in no time. I highly recommend their service to anyone needing roadside help!
نضال جبران
نضال جبران
Last week me and a couple of friends went on a road trip. We suddenly ran out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. This reliable roadside assistance company managed to deliver us fuel very quickly. The guys were very helpful and friendly, their prices are affordable as well! Highly recommend them!
Annie Crooms
Annie Crooms
When my tire blew out, Roadside Assistance was able to send someone out to help within minutes. They resolved the issue quickly and even gave me tips on how to prevent it from happening again. Highly recommend!